Hungarian Coat of Arms
Hungarian Coat of Arms

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Arlene's 70 Page Family Christmas Letter to Joseph Kish - Dec 1, 1944

Arlene (Papp) Kish's 70 Page Famly Christmas Letter (Scroll) to Joseph Kish
Dec 1, 1944

Liz (Kish) Munro's Photo Stash

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  • Photos taken at the Kish Family Picnic, Swartz Creek, MI - June 9, 2013

    Click on the image to view this amazing wide format photograph of the Magyar Reformed Church - 1928 (compliments of Betty Horvath)

    Al comments - "This depicts the celebration of the new Hungarian Reformed Church on Campau St. in 1928. It is only a few blocks from the Kish family home on Leith St. in Flint. I've seen one of these special view cameras work ... the shutter opens as the film begins to slowly run through the camera, from one huge canister to the other, on either side of it, at the same rate at which the camera is revolving on the tripod. The subjects actually sit in a huge circle, all at relatively the same distance from the camera (to remain in focus). In this case, I believe they were seated in an intersection where the church occupies one of the corners. Mom (Aunt Sue) is first on the left sitting in a chair, while Nagyapa is standing third in from the right end. See if you can spot Aunt Irene, Uncles Jess and Joe (hint ... look for boys sailor suits), Nagyama (one of the ladies in white)."

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